Walker’s Recovery
Speech Regression, Ear Infections, Sleep Issues & Lethargy


Walker was 16 months old and had only slept through the night 3 times because of his stomach pain and anxiety.  He was unstable walking and his mother reports he had lost his speech shortly after his MMR vaccine at 15 months.  Walker also had irregular hair growth, distended belly, smelly stool, pale skin, morning lethargy and other symptoms.

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By Laura Shanahan

Our 17-month old son Walker had only slept through the night four times. Each night, he would wake for hours, crying. He had abdominal pain, diarrhea, and chronic ear infections. He was learning to speak, and then seemed to suddenly lose some of his words right around the time of his MMR vaccine. Words like doggy became “da,” and words like mommy where gone. When he would nap he would wake in a sort of daze and he was generally more tired and irritable. His hair pattern was strange too.  We were devastated.

We went to pediatricians who prescribed antibiotics and recommended surgery to put tubes in his ears.  We went to a gastroenterologist who recommended a white flour diet, and an allergist who handed us a small shopping bag full of drug samples. We felt hopeless, with our instincts telling us that none of this was right for our baby.  

It was not until my husband had a chance meeting with Stan in a computer store, that our lives began to change.  Stan approached my husband about Walker and said he felt that walker was struggling with speech delay and gut issues.  My husband was taken back at how someone who he had never met could know that our son was suffering. 

Without ever meeting me, Stan spent 90 minutes on the phone carefully explaining the diet we were to follow. We began immediately, and that same night our son slept peacefully through the night.  The next day, while sitting at the dinner table and said, “Walker likes doggies!”  We were in utter disbelief.  Walker was now speaking clearly.  He would wake from his nap alert and happy.  Then we added [Vitamin] MB12 Nasal Spray and his vocabulary increased even more.

Now, 10 months later, Walker is doing great. He has never had another ear infection, his GI issues are nearly gone, and people are always commenting on his incredible speech and vocabulary.  Additionally in three weeks his hair had completely grown back in.

Stan has done for us what no doctor was able to do – heal our son. He has always been available to us, and has never asked for anything in return. Stan changed our lives, and to us, he is a hero.