This site was created by Stan Kurtz, a parent whose child recovered from from autism through biomedical interventions. This site shares parent stories and does not give medical advice.

The Recovery Videos website documents recoveries from autism and chronic illnesses. Through biomedical intervention, such as methylcobalamin (Vitamin MB12), Revitapop, a uniquely effective over-the-counter MB12 adminitration Stan pioneered, antiviral therapies and dietary interventions, children can improve and at times recover from the symptoms of autism, ADHD and chronic illness. Individuals have followed the philosophies on this website and have also recovered from life-long chronic illness such as eczema, asthma and fibromyalgia.

This site contains many portraits, videos and stories of some children who recovered, including a detailed story of Stan's recovery and his son.

Stan Kurtz is a parent, independent researcher and teacher. Mr. Kurtz is not a doctor. This site is designed to offer informaton and hope. Please consider speaking with a Defeat Autism Now! doctor or a Natrapathic Doctor who has recovered individuals for medical advice.

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